Encourage Creativity in Others and have Faith in Them - Career Advice

You'd be amazed at what people can, and will do if you not only give them a chance but also believe in their potential. It is important to know that everyone has unique gifts and talents. It is your job to assist in bringing those gifts and talents out in the World. In other words, rather sitting back and waiting for people to be perfect and being frustrated when they are not, take some responsibility in the process by creating an ideal psychological working environment.

There is an old motto in business: Give someone a reputation to live up to and watch them shine. It is really true. Most people, given the right environment, are hard-working, talented, creative, and Productive. They want to please others just as you and i want to. Unfortunately, however, most people are hardly ever exposed to an ideal working environment.

Encourage Creativity in Others and have Faith in Them - Career Advice

What happens to someone when she is insecure, resentful, or frightened? Very simple, She loses most of the motivation to please you as well as most of her other positive work-related qualities. Consider the following example: You have an assistant. Every day when he walks in the door, you remind him how incompetent he is. You point out his weaknesses and flaws. You belittle him in front of other people. Then you walk out the door. The question is, How does your assistant feel? It is hard to know for sure, because people react differently to the same set of facts. But it is a good bet that he is either frightened, insecure, resentful of you or most likely, all of the above. His job performance is going to be suspect. If you are disappointed in him, you are missing the point!

Wouldn't you increase your odds of securing a dedicated, hard-working assistant if you treat him with enormous, genuine respect?
Wouldn't your assistant be more likely to work hard and keep your best interest in mind if you were to treat him with kindness, reminding him frequently how you appreciate him, pointing out to him when he does something right? Ideally, we want everyone to feel good about themselves.We want others to believe in themselves, to feel confident and secure, to feel as if they are talented, competent, and creative. This way, everyone wins.

When you encourage creativity in others and have Faith in them, it is analogous to create the ideal condition for a garden. You are plating the seed for an environment where success is most likely to occur. When you plant a garden, you want to have the right type of soil, moisture, and sunshine. When you build people up, instead of pushing them down, you create the psychological equivalent. The same principle applies whether you are hiring a housekeeper, an attorney, an accountant, a publicist, or anyone else. It also applies to your children, your spouse, your friends, and your neighbors. It always works: When you believe in someone and when that person knows that believe in her, magical things can happen. From this point on, see if you can expert great things from people. Do your part by creating the ideal working conditions. Be Kind, patient, and supportive. Then sit back and watch what happens.