Career advice: Create your own Luck

Some people seem to get all the luck. But upon closer examination, however, you'd be shocked at the amount of Luck that is self-created. The truth is while luck is a factor of success from time to time, Lucky people share some very consistent characteristics.

Lucky people are constantly putting themselves in the position to be Lucky. In other words, they step up to the plate, they participate, the tell others that they are willing to accept help. I was Lucky in a financial course i took at Pepperdine University many years ago. My friends couldn't believe that the professor gave me an A for the course when it seemed like i probably deserve a B at best. What they didn't know was that i visited the professor and solicited his help every single day that he had office hours. The professor Knew, with no doubt whatsoever, that i was trying hard and that i knew the materials. Was i Lucky? Sure i was, but had i not demonstrated a burning desire to learn, i wouldn't have been nearly so Lucky. The professor wouldn't have even known me, much less cared if i succeeded. As it was however, my professor really liked me. He wanted me to succeed. In fact, it was almost as important to him as it is tome. He knew i was sincere, not only in my efforts to learn but also in my fondness for him as a person and in my respect as an instructor. Obviously, i was in a position to be lucky.

Career advice: Create your own Luck

Since that time, I've been Lucky hundred of times, I've been really lucky, for example, to get on certain radio and television shows around the country to promote my work, But while others complain about their lack of promotion and wait for the phone to ring, i am busy sending books, press kits, and show ideas to producers all over the country, sometimes several times a day for months and months at a time. Am i lucky? You bet i am! But i created a great deal of that luck myself letting people know i am ready and willing to be Lucky.

I have an acquaintance who just got his big break in the corporate world. He is so Lucky, everyone said. And they are absolutely right: He was Lucky. But was it blind luck or did the fact he arrived at the office before people had gotten out of bed, or that he remembered his boss's birthday and his children's, or that he was willing to apologize when he was wrong, share the credit when he deserve all of it, said that you when something nice came his way, and persevered long after others gave up have something to do with it?
I think both are true. He was Lucky, but he also put himself in the position to be Lucky. Creating your own luck is sort of like planting a garden in an ideal environment. You'll be Luckier with your plants if you provide the best soil, water, sunshine, and growing conditions. If you don't do these things you might still get lucky and have a bumper crop, but the odds are far less likely.

The strategies in this article are designed to put you in a position to become lucky. The truth is, you never really know where your lucky breaks are going to come from. Lucky people know this, so they always act as if luck is just around the corner, Perhaps the person you choose to smile at or help, instead of frown at and ignore, is in a position to help you or will someday. You never know. As you take the advice in this article to heart, you will notice that luck will begin to come your way. Then Others will be calling you Mr OR Mrs LUCKY.