Top 10 topics that should not be discussed with colleagues at work

What topics should not be discussed with colleagues at work: top-10

 Many employees consider chattering near a cooler with water or talking with a person sitting at a nearby table, a harmless habit that helps a little to brighten up routine. In fact, according to experts, such conversations can harm your career. If you raise inappropriate topics, your colleagues will not treat you with sympathy. Some people can not control themselves, they are able to share any details and spread even the most frank information. This is very bad.

What topics should not be discussed with colleagues at work: top-10

Such information in the future can hurt you. There are people who can use it against you. In addition, people should consider what they publish on social networks. This can seriously damage your work. If you publish something on the Internet, it stays there forever. Even if you do not disseminate information on a wide range, it can be shared by others. Specialists note that women are more likely to share unnecessary details than men. It's because in society, women tend to build on this relationship - sympathize with each other, discuss fears and fears, unrest, details that usually do not tell. In addition, the popularity of social networks only exacerbates the problem.

Some people do not even understand how they have harmed their own chatter, they do not know that any information can be used against them and that such a habit shows them not on the best side. This does not mean that you generally do not want to communicate with your colleagues. Just do not start from the very first working day in the new place to share too personal details. There are things that you should always keep with you - you can talk about them with your relatives or with a partner. They are inadmissible in the workplace.

 Interview for another job 

There is no reason to share such information, especially in the context of competition, which is characteristic of the modern labor market. Organizations often try to reduce their staff - this can be done at the expense of you, if you begin to demonstrate that you are still looking for a new place. If you are delayed because of an interview or take a day off, do not tell colleagues why it happened. It is better to name some neutral reason so as not to attract attention to yourself.

Political views and your presidential candidate 

Remember that politics always causes serious controversy. This is especially true before the elections. During the election campaign, each person has his own opinion, which he will adhere to firmly. Think carefully before you begin to discuss politics with colleagues. This can seriously damage your chances of promotion and undermine your career in this organization. For example, imagine that your boss does not share your political views. Perhaps he will not even think about it, nevertheless at a subconscious level his attitude towards you can change. Also, try not to publish political information in social networks.

Religious views and attitudes towards other faiths 

This is a very tense topic, especially in modern society. There is not much that can hurt more than topics related to religion. Be careful and careful when you share your views. It is important not to forget about political correctness. You can never know who is potentially offending your opinion on this or that religious issue, so it is better to refrain from such discussions in the workplace.

Negative attitude towards the boss, colleagues, clients or company 

Colleagues Most people will have at least one thing in the workplace that will irritate and even sometimes derail them. This is unpleasant, nevertheless it is better to try to keep your negative with you. If you share these views, it will not give you anything good. Never show displeasure, remember that someone can use this information against you. You should not relax and share frustration in the workplace, it is better to discuss such topics only with family and friends. Do not use the Internet for such purposes. If this is something negative about your bosses, colleagues, clients, or the organization as a whole, try to keep this opinion to yourself.

Your salary and salaries of colleagues 

The topic of wages should be included in the list of the most dangerous, along with the themes of religion and politics. It is this question that most often causes negativity and conflicts in the workplace. Not everyone has the same salary. No one should know how much you get, in addition, you should not ask how much the others pay. Worry that you get less than everyone else? Topics Well, equal wages are an important issue, but discussion with colleagues is not an option. If someone starts to discuss money with you, the motivation of such a person may be ordinary gossip. If you are worried about anything, discuss your thoughts with the manager or with the personnel department, not with colleagues.

Your habits of drinking 

Absolutely nothing to come to the office on Monday morning and retell to colleagues all their adventures over the weekend. On any topic relating to bad habits, you should not spread.

Let everything that you do on the weekend, remains only in your memories. In addition, you should try not to publish photos from parties on social networks, this shows you not from the best side.

Your sex life 

Some people are tempted to discuss personal life, because this is an exciting topic that immediately attracts attention and helps to distract. Nevertheless, intimate moments should be discussed exclusively with your partner. If we are talking about films or books, we can discuss them with other book lovers, but not in the workplace. If you raise such a topic at work, you show yourself not on the best side.

Your career ambitions 

You should definitely think over your career prospects. If you want to become a manager, that's great. Just do not share your thoughts on this matter with the rest. Your manager will not want to know that you would like to take his place. In the midst of an economic crisis and total lack of stability, people try to hold on to their work and experience paranoia, so do not demonstrate for your part a threat.

Personal drama regarding a partner or children 

There are people who always have some dramatic events in their personal lives. Someone is constantly ill, commits a crime, at the decisive moment refuses to marry and the like. If you talk about yourself like this, it shows that you are not able to control either your personal or professional life. You do not have clear boundaries, because of what people start to think about your productivity and how much you really are a professional in your business.

History of the disease and medical details Topics 

Do not come to the office and start discussing the results of the tests or the new medicine that you are taking. This adversely affects how your colleagues perceive you, in addition, it can prevent you from getting a promotion or an offer to participate in a major project. People will think if your health allows such a high load.