How do recruiters evaluate your leadership?

You are aiming for a manager position? No doubt, recruiters will want to evaluate your leadership or potential during the job interview.

 WE will not do the story again, but if we summarize, a leader is a person with a vision, a certain height of vision that he can share with others . Better still, he is often one step ahead because he is able to anticipate situations rather than endure them. He knows how to capture the attention of his audience, influence his entourage, advocates the collective and knows how to challenge himself by listening to others. And this is the profile employers need to coach their teams , so recruiters will put together a series of questions to find out if you are or if you have the potential.

How do recruiters evaluate your leadership?

Your ability to be proactive

"The idea is to understand if the candidate expects everything from the company or if he takes his destiny in hand. For example, on the subject of training, is it content with internal training or does it follow Mooc to make progress ? So, a question like "lately, what did you learn for yourself?" seems appropriate, "says David Bernard, occupational psychologist and CEO of AssessFirst. "To a candidate who applies for a commercial management offer, one can quite ask" in case of results not achieved, what solution do you have in place to achieve these objectives? ", Adds Jalale Fraygui, senior manager within from the Hays cabinet.

Your ability to challenge yourself

"What was the last feedback you received, how did you perceive it?" This type of question allows the recruiter to know if you agree to receive feedback, if you are not afraid to expose yourself to the judgment of others and take advantage of it to strengthen you.

Your ability to listen and listen to the audience

This time, no need for long speeches or specific questions. The body language is enough. "A calm voice and well-chosen silences make it possible to show that you are listening and that you take the time to think before answering," says Elisabeth Simon Roussel, head of RecrutEmploi, a coaching and HR coaching firm.

Your touch influence

For some professions, recruiters may be analyzing your community on online social networks to gauge your aura. In interview, a question like "you organize a meeting on such project, who do you invite to participate?". The wider the circle, including people you do not manage directly, the more you show that you are able to gain the trust of a broad panel.

Your ability to identify priorities

For this, recruiters will ask you to tell a delicate situation (or during a scenario). Beyond your answers, they will appreciate your ability to quickly analyze the first steps to take without getting lost in the details.

The way you wear a vision

Leaders are those who are redefining market standards by setting goals themselves. Visionaries, they have a certain capacity to get high on topics that are important to them. " If tomorrow, you join now, what will be your first action? " . This question makes it possible to show that you are already active in the position, that you have worked on the future of the market, that you will give meaning to your future action. In short, that your added value will obviously be operational, but not that.

Your team spirit

A leader is never alone against the rest of the world. On the contrary. "In conversation, a true leader will not only talk about himself but also about others. For him, it is the collective that takes precedence, "stresses Elisabeth Simon Roussel. A question like, "How do you celebrate success with your team?" can for example be used to validate this point.