Career advice: 7 Ways to stay productive at work

Ilon Mask has a lot of time. This entrepreneur and owner of many companies has caused a real revolution in space flight, he transformed the world of vehicles with his electric vehicles, in addition, he is working to change the approach to public transport and even engaged in neurotechnologies. Productivity People who work with him, note that it is difficult to keep on the same level with the Mask. He has very bold ideas, which at first seem impossible, nevertheless, if desired, they are quite possible to realize. Not so long ago, Mask decided to increase the productivity of his company Tesla, introducing a round-the-clock work schedule.

How to stay productive at work

 Realizing that this approach is extremely intensive, he shared with his colleagues his secrets of successful work. In addition, he asked them to report if they have any ideas that would make the firm's productivity even higher. So, here are the tips that he himself shared.

Meetings of a large format are a waste of time 

Excessive number of people at the meeting is a problem of large companies, which in time only gets worse. Ilon is sure that from too large-scale meetings it is better to refuse, unless they are provided with information that is really important for a large number of employees. Moreover, whatever the scale of the meeting, it should not be too long in time. The information should be presented briefly and concretely so as not to waste time.

Meetings should not be frequent if the occasion is not urgent 

Do not arrange meetings too often, advises Mask. They are needed only at moments of really important events. If the urgent problem is solved, the frequency of meetings should be greatly reduced. This is an important condition for optimizing work processes, the entrepreneur is convinced. 

If you do not need to be at a meeting, do not go 

Mask advises to leave the meeting immediately, as it becomes clear to you that your presence on it does not bring any benefit. There is nothing impolite about getting away, real rudeness - it's in vain to take someone's time. This is the approach that Ilon himself adheres to.

Avoid incomprehensible words 

Do not use acronyms or slang words for objects, software, or processes. Anything that requires explanation has a negative impact on communication. Do not create a special dictionary that you need to study for normal work in the company, this will inevitably become a source of problems.

Do not let the hierarchy degrade performance 

Communication should be carried out as short as possible, and not through the chain of command. Every manager who tries to create a strict hierarchy will hardly fit into the Mask team. The entrepreneur is convinced that the structure of the company should be more open and flexible.

If you need to contact someone, do it directly 

A major source of problems is the unsuccessful communication between departments. To get rid of such a problem, you should create a free flow of information at all levels. If an employee needs to contact the manager first to send information, and then he talks to the boss, and the other - to another manager, and then the head passes information to the employees of his department, the problem is inevitable. People should talk directly, then the information will be transmitted optimally, without any distortion.

Do not waste time on stupid rules. 

Try to focus on common sense. If you follow the rules of the company in a certain situation, it is inconvenient, such rules should simply be abolished. A reasonable initiative of an employee should not be blamed in the company, in this the Mask has no doubts.