8 questions asked by recruiters in telephone interview

Before recruiting candidates for a job interview, recruiters give them a call. They do almost all the same type of questionnaire. Top 8 most asked questions over the phone.

"When are you available? "

"This question allows us to know if the candidate is on standby, active search or not. If he gave his notice and if so, how long has it been, "says Marion Badin, Cellfish's HR manager, mobile services publisher.

"Why are you looking for a new job? "

Whether you are too cramped in your current position, there is a reorganization in progress or you want to change sector, region or profession, you must justify your approach in a synthetic way.

"What kind of position are you targeting? "

"It's about understanding quickly if the candidate is looking for a job that is similar or different from their current job. And, in what type of structure, which management mode it aims, "says Coralie Girard-Claudon, head of the Paris office of Approach People Recruitment.

8 questions asked by recruiters in telephone interview

"What is your current job or job? "

Without going into details (you will have to do it face to face), illustrate by a fact or a number your last job. "A manager will specify the size and composition of his team . A marketing pro will explain what types of projects it has partially or fully coordinated. A retail specialist will indicate whether he is working in B to C (business to consumer) or B to B (business to business) , his turnover, the average basket, etc ... A computer scientist will give the two languages he masters best ", does illustrates. The goal for the recruiter, who often has the CV or profile of the candidate in front of them, is to appreciate the candidate's ability to synthesize , speak and pragmatism in the face of a specific question. Laurent Hürstel, director of Robert Walters, prefers to introduce the discussion with the following sentence: "I wanted to know where you were today at the professional level ..." . "After, I leave a long silence and I see how the candidate reacts. If after 20 seconds he still has not told me about his current position, it's because there is a problem, "he says. The biggest mistake is to retrace one's whole path instead of talking about the present.  

"Why did you apply in our society? "

"I evaluate the motivation of the candidate to come to work with us. If he does not know our activity or our news is bad sign, "warns Marion Badin Cellfish.

"What is your current salary? "

Speak in gross annual by clearly distinguishing the fixed part of the variable salary. "If the candidate in office is already 10,000 to 15,000 euros above what we can propose, it's useless to go further, slice Noémie Cicurel, director at Robert Half, we often have pay scales at respect. "

"Are you mobile geographically? "

"It is important to know if the workplace is accessible to the candidate, or if he is ready to go to the provinces or abroad. Indeed: the company will not move. It will be up to him to adapt. So, know as much as possible if it is mobile, "commented Noémie Cicurel.

" What is your english level ? "
Perhaps you will hardly have the time to answer "bilingual" or "current" that already the recruiter will have switched to an interview in English. "It's still the best way to check your level, right? "Smiles Coralie Girard-Claudon.