5 tips to develop your network during an internship

As soon as we say the word "network", many imagine an upstart with teeth scratching the floor. Forget this picture. Networking is essential for a rich career and you often think about it too late. Experts give us their advice to develop their  network by remaining sincere.

5 tips to develop your network during an internship

It is essential to start networking as young as possible," says Maxime Maeght, author of the book Students, young professionals: how to build your network . "Internships are a great opportunity to start building your network, which can be very useful for finding your first job . According to Laurence Guichard, Head of Guidance and Professional Projects at the Leonardo da Vinci Pole,  "the networking stage is often neglected by students . The information it collects is fundamental to the success of future meetings and interviews! "

The network strategy in 5 concrete points

Whether you are in style to network all over or with caution, some basic rules must be followed in order to make the most of an internship without having to be an opportunist .

1. Do not scatter in the contacts

The strategy of approach of the professionals must be based on the objective of establishing a link on the long term , recalls Laurence Guichard. "You have to take the time to think about its purpose and ask yourself:" What information do I need? ", But most importantly, no opportunistic approach and collection of business cards  ! ". Thus, we will favor the quality (and the variety!) Of the contacts to the quantity. "It is useless to multiply" weak "contacts, that is to say, which do not have much to do with your objective in the long term .
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2. Treat your e-reputation

Trainees should not neglect their online presence. "It's imperative to check what the Web knows about you ... and make any necessary modifications," warns Laurence Guichard. The network is a matter of trust, she advises to be as transparent as possible and to treat her communication . "For each of your publications (resumes, networks) and meeting requests, be clear about your objective and your skills. Use relevant keywords and publish content that you value  ", work or projects made during your studies or previous internships for example.

3. Open to other employees of other services

Relational intelligence and human qualities are essential for networking. "Be curious. Abandon your assumptions and really care about the people you meet , encourages Laurence Guichard. It is by taking an interest in the professional, that he will be interested in you ... Developing your network is above all an activity of mutual help and sharing, based on human and authentic relationships. And do not forget to ask yourself how, in turn, you will be useful . "
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4. Seize opportunities

An internship offers many opportunities to create the link, "provided you avoid staying between trainees , to get in touch with professionals (those of his department but also others, customers, suppliers ...) and participate when they are offered, to corporate acculturation programs, "says Laurence Guichard. Maxime Maeght recalls: "  An internship is a golden opportunity to create links upon arrival in the company . Internal events such as pots of departure and various celebrations are perfect for working with people working in other departments. "

5. Cultivate your relationships after the internship

To maintain links once the internship is over, Laurence Guichard advocates active and pragmatic communication. "  Thank everyone who contributed to the success of your internship. Send a message of departure to customers and suppliers , with the approval of your training supervisor. Give regular news of your career after the internship. Share articles or invitations to conferences. Maintain your online presence. And remember to send your greetings at the end of the year to reactivate your network. "

A trainee must "leave the best possible memory of his passage in the company, confirms Maxime Maeght, by organizing for example a pot of goodbye, by making a tour of the offices and by sending an email of departure in which one will be able to find his personal details. He also emphasizes the importance of keeping in touch with other trainees. "  These are a first circle to densify its network . Indeed, it is impossible to know who will do what or have such a course, unsuspected today ... ".