What do recruiters want from a cover letter?

What do recruiters want from a cover letter?

Recruiters spend just 30 seconds on each application before deciding whether to contact the applicant. In addition to your resume, it is better that your cover letter is effective. This is what they expect.

Whether you talk about the company

This obviously assumes that you have investigated the company, its sector and more broadly, its market. In the eco-press, on the company's website (in particular, the Espace Press section), etc., you have a lot to find news about the box, its size, its strategy, its organization, its values. "A catchphrase with this type of information makes the approach credible," says Adeline Christophe, an HR recruitment and marketing consultant with Eotim. "It proves that the candidate is curious and able to search for information. A very useful quality on a daily basis, "adds Benjamin Dresner, co-founder of Finamatic, a marketplace for public funding for start-ups, small businesses and SMEs.

That you personalize your remarks

You will tell me, of course! And yet, many recruiters still tell us anecdotes about the cover letter mentioning the name of their direct competitor, or even a company from another sector. So watch out for mass mailings. "I am waiting for the candidate to select arguments in relation to the opportunity to which he responds. To say "motivated, dynamic" is a sword in the water, "says Adeline Christophe.

Whether you are talking about yourself in the job

In a few sentences, you must demonstrate to the recruiter your added value for the job. To do this, use past successes to explain why and how you will have a strong added value in the function. "If the candidate shows that he has already made a reflection on the position and issues of the company by making such suggestions for action plans, it is a considerable asset," recommends Renaud Charvet, founder of the telecom operator RingOver Group. Also use your extra professional successes to illuminate a useful personality for the job. "For example," the practice of tennis in competition taught me the accuracy of the strikes and the rigor in the preparation, an indispensable quality in my opinion, for the position ... ", illustrates Karine Doukhan, Director at Robert Half Management Resources. "Exit the exhaustive catalog of skills. On the contrary, the candidate must select the most appropriate candidates for the position and argue, "advises Aurélie Le Bozec, consultant at Fed Supply.

That you explain an atypical course

"The letter of motivation must express a coherence that one does not necessarily manage to read in a CV. For example, you can justify an atypical career if necessary, "advises Benjamin Dresner of Finamatic. Whether it is periods of unemployment, professional transition, frequent changes of boxes, etc.

Whether you mention your overall career plan

"I have very little requirement on the form but basically, I'm waiting for the candidate to tell us about his project. I have to understand the consistency between what he did before, what he wants to do at home and what he will do next. Showing your life project, your dream, etc., is a highly appreciated element. For example, a candidate who explains that he wants to join us to discover entrepreneurship from the inside, to one day, to start his own project, I have no problem. On the contrary, "illustrates Antoine de Corson, founder of Groupcorner, a start-up specializing in group booking.

That you speak correctly

We are in a professional context, so the tone of the letter must obviously be. But professional does not impose use an obsolete tone. "I'd rather read a spoken but professional and personalized style than a mail with bombastic and insipid terms," ​​adds Adeline Christophe. Julien Hostache, managing director and co-founder of Eenerfip, goes even further: "I do not look at CVs but just the cover letter. I appreciate that candidates fall off the mask and speak out loud. I much prefer a candidate who writes "This post is great. It would be ideal to work under these conditions "only a letter with clichés". The right choice of vocabulary and the spirit of synthesis are also essential.

That you ban misspellings

EH yes, we repeat ourselves but all the recruiters told us, misspellings in a cover letter, it is the trash almost assured for the application. Except for the posts in super voltage like the developers it seems.