Social media manager: what is this job?

Do not confuse community manager and social media manager. The latter has more responsibilities, especially in the management of a communication strategy. Is this job for you?

Social media manager: what is this job?

Its main missions

The social media manager manages the e-reputation of the company through social networks, not to be confused with the community manager. Although both are complementary, the social media manager is a decision-maker in the digital communication strategy. While the community manager implements it. However, some companies do not have community managers, and essentially social media managers.

As a communicator, the social media manager also writes content, even if he can call on communication agencies. The case at Orange for example, "the agency we work with can help us in the drafting of content when we do not master the subject. Otherwise we write the content, "says Amandine Dalmasso, social media manager at Orange.
To measure the digital audience of the company and assess its reputation, the social media manager also carries out reviews of publications and the engagement of Internet users. "We look at the tweets, the number of like, who shared, who clicked on our links. These are KPIs [Key Performance Indicators]. We then use tools like Google Analytics to take stock of our results. "Says Amandine Dalmasso.
With whom does he work?
The social media manager works in the communication team, either in the editorial team or marketing. In addition he can manage the community managers.

What training?

It is recommended that the social media manager has a Bac +5 level. It can be a business school, communication or a university degree in communication.

According to Amandine Dalmasso, many courses can lead to the job of social media manager, but the experience and personal profile of the candidate is essential . "It does not matter what the training is, even if it's an engineering school, you have to be interested in the news and get your own experience with social networks," she advises.

What perspectives of evolution?

In the long term, this job can give access to positions of high responsibility, as director of web marketing, head of digital strategy or responsible for on-line communication.