Job vacancy at AcePlus Nigeria for Web Developers

Job vacancy at AcePlus Nigeria for Web Developers
AcePlus - Nigeria

writing code in one or more programming or scripting languages, such as PHP or JavaScript

planning, designing and prototyping new applications

fixing bugs in existing projects, reviewing, refactoring and optimizing existing code

testing new features thoroughly to ensure they perform the correct task in all cases

running performance benchmarking tests

learning and testing new technologies, frameworks and languages

staying up to date with new trends and advancements in web development

building and maintaining databases

documenting code so other developers can understand and contribute to it

problem solving


The ideal candidate should have:
Should hold a bachelor’s degree preferably in computer science and between 6 to 24 months of hardcore experience. A fantastic graphic design skill set and a portfolio of work done would be an advantage.


What you will get from us in return is:
A collaborative environment that pushes you to think beyond your boundaries

A diverse workload, keeping you continually stimulated

An open forum for expression of ideas

Diverse opportunities to expand your skills, learn newer skills and make you ready for the job market

Flexible working hours with remote working option.  APPLY HERE