How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples 
How often do people change jobs? According to statistics, a young specialist can change the place every 5 years. The reasons can be different: it does not suit the salary, there is no career growth, change of personal interests. Get a job is sometimes difficult. How to sell yourself in an interview? Read about it below.

Strong resume 

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

Before going for an interview, the candidate sends his resume to the company. To attract attention to you, you need to stand out from the gray mass. How to sell yourself in an interview? Write a strong resume. The description of their strengths should be unique. No one is interested in reading the standard answers. You need to be creative. In indicating their strengths, it's not enough to write: punctual, responsible, communicative. It is necessary to describe your strong qualities. Write small stories confirming that you are a responsible and creative person. Just two sentences, in which you describe the cases, how you could take responsibility for yourself, will be able to give you work. Be sure to write your work experience in the resume. It is advisable to do this not as a dry table, but as an interesting story. Describe who you studied and why. You should also mention where you worked and for what reason you chose a company. A resume, which will be structurally different from hundreds of others, will surely draw attention to your candidacy.

 Do not be late 

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

Many people who wonder how to sell themselves in an interview do not pay attention to details. You need to concentrate not only on the main thing, but also to think about the little things. The impression of a person is created from the moment of its appearance. If you were assigned an interview for a week or even a day, you can not be late. Even if you stay for a minute - it will already be a failure. No one is interested in the fact that the wheel has let you down, that you are in a traffic jam or that the train has not arrived on time. These are all excuses. You knew in advance about the place and time, so you had the opportunity to calculate the time and take into account all the force majeures. For an interview, you need to come 10-15 minutes before the start. During this time you will have time to inspect the office of the company, take off your outer clothing, comb your hair and put yourself in order. 


    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

Meet a man by his clothes. This has always been and always will be. Whether you like it or not, those around you are judged by appearance. So try to look presentable. Of course, you do not need to try too hard, otherwise it will catch your eye. Put on a business suit or just a jacket. To come for an interview in jeans and a T-shirt is not recommended. Even if the company does not have a dress code, you should present yourself as a business person. Your clothes should be clean and neat. If it rains outside, take a taxi. Nobody will make you indulgence due to weather conditions. Dirty shoes and trouser legs can play a decisive role. It's much easier to put people to people when you look attractive.

Be confident 

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

Whichever position you choose, you will be selected from at least a dozen candidates. Therefore, it should be advantageous to stand out against their background. How to sell yourself in an interview? You need to tune in for the worst turn of events. Do you think that only pessimists do this? Nothing like this. We need to adequately assess their strength. Your self-esteem should not depend on the opinions of others. Take you to work or not, you can not say for sure. When a person is sure that he is a good specialist and in case of failure today he can find a job tomorrow, he looks very respectable. If the person assumes that the interview is the last chance in life, uncertainty will be felt by others. Therefore, even if you really like the place for which you have an appointment for an interview, you need to find two or three more options. In this case, you will not be very worried about the outcome of the events. Knowing that you have many more opportunities, increases self-confidence.

A little bit about yourself 

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

How to sell yourself in an interview? An example of one of the questions, answering to which people are lost, is a simple phrase: "Tell us about yourself." And what about yourself? People begin to repeat their resume or simply remain silent, tormented by doubts about what exactly it is necessary to say. It is necessary to tell the story about your career confidently and clearly. Talk about the family, their plans for life and their hobbies are not worth it. You do not join the company in order to establish a personal life or to find friends for a picnic. You should tell where you studied, where you went to work and why. If it is appropriate, you can make a couple of witty comments on your account. Humor helps to defuse the atmosphere and put it to itself. Do not go into the details of past jobs, do not blame the former boss or your team. It will be ugly. The story about yourself should be short. It is advisable to keep within 2 minutes. Rehearse the speech at home so that during the interview it sounded natural.

About shortcomings 

    How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples

People like to talk about their own merits. But the interviews are asked various tricky questions. Therefore, please be aware that you may be asked about drawbacks. How to sell yourself at an interview with a sales manager? Is it worth to openly admit that you do not know how to do or do not like? No. You should seem a strong personality, and your fears, phobias and flaws should be left with you. If you are asked about your ideality, then you can openly admit that you do not wear a halo above your head and do not wear wings. Say that like everyone else, you have weaknesses and shortcomings, but you are struggling with them and can not at the moment say what is your weak side. It is necessary to mention that you adapt well to life and are able to quickly develop the qualities that are necessary.

What can you give to the company? 

At the interview you need to talk not only about yourself. When you are asked to tell why you are applying for a seat, you should mention that the interests of the company are close to you. How to sell yourself in an interview for the position of leader? People are flattered by the talk about them and about their activities. Therefore, any representative of the company will be pleased to hear flattering reviews about the place in which he works. Tell us that as a future manager, you share the interests of the organization, you are close to her philosophy and put out in a hurry what you want to do to improve the work of the enterprise. How to sell yourself on an interview with a manager? It is necessary to do the same. You should tell about your experience and that all your knowledge can be applied already here and now. Tell them that you are an innovator and that you have thoughts about improving the work of the company.


You learned how to behave and what you need to talk about. And what should I keep silent about? How to sell yourself in an interview for the position of a sales manager and any other position? Do not talk about your personal interests. Do not tell me how much you care about the family. No one is interested in listening to your children and parents. You should also keep silent about how and where you used to spend your holidays. Do not spread about their overseas trips and taste preferences. The way you spend your free time, too, should not be told. You get a job, and your personal qualities will be interesting only if they somehow increase or decrease your efficiency. Do not tell me more than you need. Do not mention bad relations with former colleagues and do not express an opinion on the former leader. 


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