How to post your resume on Instagram

How to post your resume on Instagram

There has been Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, now some candidates are wondering how to use Instagram to talk about their job search.

hen looking for a job, "you have to be one step ahead of the others,  " says Laura de Bettencourt, artistic director at Tanke, a creative marketing agency. This is especially true for positions in creation, marketing or communication . She had the idea to make her CV on Instagram, just like Manon Ledet social media manager. "I was unable to make a nice graphic resume, my thing was the social networks. I then had the idea of ​​the Instagram CV, "she says.

Creativity to be spotted 

The Instagram resume can take many forms. Laura prefers the mosaic of vignettes . "It's simple but it also reflects my state of mind. I wanted to reveal myself personally in this CV ". And to prove herself as artistic director, she imagined a game around her cat, which she hid everywhere in her vignettes that tell her story. "  Storytelling is my trademark and I wanted the recruiters to notice it,  " she says.

Manon opts for another strategy. Each photo illustrates a part of her life and it is by clicking on it that she tells us in comment her career, with a touch of humor.

How to post your resume on Instagram
Original CVs that challenge the recruiters. "The photos are explicit, we clearly see the profile of the person and his skills," said Sacha Kalusevic, senior director at Page Personnel.

Play the multi-channel card

Following the posting of Instagram CVs and links to communication agencies, Laura received several requests for appointments for a first contact. "The agencies that received me did not necessarily look for positions but wanted to know me. Others offered me freelance assignments that I refused. I wanted a permanent contract, "says the artistic director.

But Instagram alone is not enough. Resumes work because they are shared on other social networks. "  In their research, recruiters are often limited to 1 or 2 social networks,  " says Sacha Kalusevic. Manon had the right method. She first shared her resume on Facebook. "I had a lot of professional contacts on this social network and it worked well, I quickly had interviews for communication agencies in Paris," says Manon Ledet. In the end it is a blogger on Instagram who has reposted his CV and a communications agency recruited him on a permanent contract. She landed her new position in one month. As for Laura, she had to wait two to three months.

All trades do not need an Instagram resume

So effective, but do not think it works with all trades . "Developers, engineers , technicians will not have as much impact. Simply because recruiters, such as Vinci, and Bouygues do not go on Instagram, "says Sacha Kalusevic. But they evolve, the Page Personnel manager says that they themselves in his business start to adopt Instagram by opening their own account. But they use it more to attract candidates than to recruit them directly on their profile.