Content manager: what you need to know about this job

Content managers reveal their daily lives, the skills and qualities required ... and also their salary. So if you have views on this job, or if it is unknown to you, discover it in this Article.

Its main missions

The content manager or content manager manages the image of his company by producing texts, images, videos, or Facebook Live . The content is always made for a target previously identified by the content manager. The case of Emma Ly, head of content at L'Oréal: "I interview digital professionals to make future candidates want to apply," she explains.

The content manager can then be responsible for animating the content on social networks . He has the same missions as the community manager. "The two trades are linked. When writing and posting an article, it is up to us to manage the comments, in order to engage the community. We must also check the audiences of publications, "advises Emma Ly. But this is not the case in all companies. Some content managers, as is the case of Silvia Griso Sayas at Blablacar, are in charge of defining the tone and the way of addressing and exchanging with the users of a site, an app or a software.
While some professionals use agencies for the creation of content , this is not the case for all. "By doing our own content, we are more overwhelmed, we move a lot but our work is more personal," says the employee at L'Oreal.

With whom does he work?

The content manager is either attached to the director of communication, digital or to the marketing director . And depending on the target, he can work with human resources, the case of Emma Ly at L'Oréal, his target being the candidates. While Silvia Griso Sayas, content manager at Blablacar works with UX designers, since she is in charge of the development of the application.

What training?

To become a content manager, it is recommended to obtain a university diploma Bac +5 in journalism, communication or marketing with a digital option . Nevertheless, everything depends on the profile of the candidate. Emma Ly, content manager at L'Oréal, is British and has a master's degree in history. Today, she makes her content only in English. Silvia Griso Sayas, content manager at Blablacar, is Spanish and has a degree in translation. She has been recruited to develop the app and carpooling service in Spain.

What are the prospects for evolution?

The content manager can then claim a position of digital marketing manager , social media manager , brand manager, editorial director, or digital communication manager .

What remuneration?

Given the recent arrival of the content manager on the labor market, the salary range is not yet well defined. The content manager interviewed receives a salary between 40 and 55K euros . And according to Michael Page's compensation study, the digital content manager who has between 0 and 2 years of experience, is paid between 26 and 30K euros per year. After 2 years and up to 5 years of experience, he is paid between 30 and 35K. Finally senior, it can oscillate between 35 and 45K, or even 70K for the most experts of them.