5 qualities appreciated in a job interview

5 qualities appreciated in a job interview

Depending on the culture of the recruiter, it will ask you your three essential qualities, your best assets, your strengths ... In short, to score points in job interview, you will have to reveal yourself in your best light. Here are the 5 qualities particularly appreciated by recruiters.

Quality 1: Optimism

In these times of economic turmoil, say that you see things on the bright side, that if there are problems, they are always marginal and there is always a solution. "Invoking this quality in a job interview allows the candidate to suggest that he is able to have a constructive leverage on things, that he is able to self-motivate," said Catherine de Verdière, director of Syntec Recruitment and management consultant at Bonnel Conseils Associés.

Quality n ° 2: Adaptability

Flexibility or adaptability to changing situations is a quality much appreciated by recruiters in job interviews. "In companies, changes in strategy and organization are permanent. So a candidate's ability to grasp a change as an intellectually interesting opportunity is a major asset, "she argues. Nothing worse than a collaborator who remains tense about his experience. Flexibility of mind is recommended without losing its soul. How does a recruiter appreciate this adaptability? "We ask him to talk about a recent change in his business. Depending on whether he talks about it in an interested or desperate way, we appreciate his resistance to change, "adds the recruitment expert.

Quality # 3: Curiosity

This quality shows that you know how to broaden your horizons and that you are able to learn. A boon for employers looking for employees who can evolve with the reorganization. However, be careful not to derive this quality in default especially when the job interview is about a position that requires the utmost confidentiality on the part of the employee.

Quality n ° 4: A good relationship

Without saying that you are the entertainer of the place (there, it would be a defect), specify that you know how to create links with others, that you are comfortable at rallies. "It's an ideal quality to work in project mode, to unite a team around you, to go fishing for information," observes Catherine de Verdière. To test this asset, the recruiter will first appreciate your kindness during a stressful situation, the job interview. And then, he can also ask you: "In your opinion, how are you perceived by others? ". "If it is well perceived, it will say from the outset that it is easy to access. When they talk about their recent projects, the candidates at ease spontaneously quote the rest of the team, employees and managers, "she observes.

Quality n ° 5: The conviction

A convinced person is convincing: "to put forward this quality, the candidate must show that he likes what he does but above all what he will do in the company. Recruiting means taking a risk, so the employer needs to be reassured, "says Coralie Costa, consultant at ConvictionsRH. Attention is only convincing that which remains natural and true. One does not overplay its attraction for the post. Because there, it would raise the swagger. Not really a quality!