4 way to answer the question: May i Know you? in a job interview

4 way to answer the question: May i Know you? in a jobs interview

"Tell me about you" is a must in the job interview. So recruiters are particularly attentive to the way you respond. Here are 4 examples of speeches to help prepare yours.

1. A presentation around 3 qualities

«Choose three adjectives that characterize you (international, curious, autonomous, etc.) and decline them during the pitch consisting of 3 steps: what you are, what you do and your added value for the company,  " recommends Sophie Muffang, executive coach.

Example  : "What characterizes me is creativity. I put this skill at the service of marketing for 10 years in several companies ... My investment has for example allowed me to reposition the products on a more premium segment. The key is an additional 3% market share. My creativity, coupled with great autonomy, will allow me tomorrow to excel as head of digital marketing. I have also begun to decrypt this market, I think we could .... What do you think? Do you want me to develop this part or another specific point? "

2. Sell through previous achievements

For Ana Fernandez, leader of the firm Energy Coaching, we must bet on the concrete, the concrete, and the concrete. The pitch presentation is the identity card of the candidate . It therefore takes over its business, industry, skills, years of experience ... all supported by examples and some subtleties. "Mention that you worked 5 years in London under the understanding that you speak perfect English. So, it's useless to explain it, "she illustrates.

Example : "My job has been responsible for project-oriented HR development for 10 years. My professional career began in 1994 as a social law lawyer for an employers' organization of vocational training. Then, for 7 years, I held the position of Head of HR Development at a firm as Associate Director. My achievements have, for example, to:

- develop the consulting and training activity by achieving a turnover increase of 20% / year

- create an HR hotline to provide assistance to managers in the operational management of their employees

- lead complex training projects for example

During 2009, I took advantage of a plan of departure to change my career by completing my training as a master 2 Manager in HR management and development, during which I worked at XXX as a project manager HR development. Since September, I have devoted my time to publishing my book Women: Dare to Succeed! The self-coaching guide to succeed in your job  ».

3. Use storytelling to structure your speech

 "A pitch starts with a good punchline to set the scene," says St├ęphane Saba, East Balt's Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and coordinator of the Lemon expert network. Then, you chained by turning your CV into history . To captivate your interlocutor, the pitch must have sense of course but also be fluid . Say a lot about you without revealing everything. Suggest links rather than saying everything. If you talk about personal experience, it must have a resonance in the professional world. A marathoner is, for example, known to be enduring of course but also mentally resistant, "he advises.

Example  : for a management controller: "improving the finances of organizations is second nature to the point that I also use it in the private sphere being treasurer of the sports association of my city". For a professional R & D or marketing innovation: "curiosity and innovation are two character traits that define me". Generic conclusion: "It is these skills and experiences, both personal and professional, that I propose to put at the service of your organization".

4. A pitch around the past, present and future

For Pauline Lahary, founder and CEO of MyCVFactory: "the presentation should be structured in paragraph, like a cover letter. Talk first of the present about what you are doing now. Then from the past . The idea is to prove by a previous position or an internship what you have been able to succeed. Obviously, the choice of example must echo the coveted position. Chase with the future . In other words, your added value for the target company. Be operational. And conclude by quoting a recommendation, "she explains.

Example : "Soon graduated with a master's degree in marketing from EM Normandy, I really focused my career around the international. Thanks to this internship in this or that sector, I really enjoyed .... This experience allowed me to discover in depth the areas of ... that I found fascinating. Today, I would like to work for a company with an international dimension, like yours, in which I could blossom and build my professional project. To conclude quickly, my former boss would say that I take my missions very much to heart, that I make a work always impeccable and that I am always in a good mood ".

It's your turn !


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